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Thank You 2013

Why I am Thankful

Story by Ross Tanner December 31st, 2013


As I sit here sipping my last coffee of 2013 reflecting on the last year, I want to keep this simple. Rather than listing the hundred things I have done, I just want to list the things I am thankful for that I know will continue to grow in the years to come.

Things that have made me thankful for life in 2013:

- My Wife.

You continue to make me smile every day, strive to be a better person and put focus and respect into my actions. Thank You for loving me so much.

- My Family.

Like many I didn’t have the perfect upbringing though my mum taught me to love, to share, to be thoughtful and always find and appreciate the small things in life even when you can only seem to grumble and compare. To my big brother & his wife - because soon because of these guys I will be an uncle :) For the first time in years 2013 was a year that I finally felt close again to my family.

- My Team.

Has taught me to be a better person, friend and leader. We work, eat and create together almost daily. Knowing that I have a responsibility to lead this amazing group of people gives me the heart, passion and vision to keep making things move. Thank you for that.

- Friends.

There is truth in the saying quality not quantity. I am thankful to you guys for listening to my thoughts, rambles, concepts, ideas and for just being amazing people. I won’t list you all, but you know who you are :)

- Clients.

Every year goes by, and our clients do change. I am thankful for the clients that no longer just have a title of client but friend. Work is work, but it is also a networking arena and you guys make creating fun. Thank You for giving us your trust and creative freedom to help us lead your business visually for your future. Watching you and your visions come to life fulfills us.

- Social Media Friends.

Because of you guys, and your sharing helped us to find our dog that was stolen just a few weeks ago. Thank You.

- God.

You share what the true meaning of Love really is and this helps keep my vision and focus in line when I sway.

- Freedom & Life.

For being able to be who I want to be, go where I want to go, work and live with those that I enjoy being with.

I wish you all an amazing end of 2013 as you all reflect lives exciting past 365 days, and a humble beginning to 2014.

Happy New Year.


Footnote: Last Coffee of 2013
Sacramento, CA, United States